Steps to Becoming an Intern

Step One: Information Meeting

The Information Meeting is your first step toward becoming an intern. We offer the Information Meeting periodically throughout the year. Upcoming dates can be found on our home page. The Information Meeting provides interested individuals with important information regarding the program, tuition fees, prerequisites and more. Attendees will complete an Intent Form at the end of the meeting if they wish to move forward and enter the Framework for Teaching Pre-Service and the IMPACT IE Intern Program.

Step Two: Attend Advisement Meeting and Register for Framework for Teaching Pre-Service

Our office will send further information via email to all attendees (from the Information Meeting) who submitted an Intent Form. The information will include registration dates for the Advisement Meetings. Potential candidates should register for the Advisement Meeting date of their choice. At the Advisement Meeting, further information will be provided with regards to specific requirements interns must meet. Potential candidates should bring the following to their Advisement Meeting:

· $250 non-refundable application fee payment via credit or debit card

· Resume

· Official transcripts from universities and community colleges (verifying bachelor’s


· CBEST results: we require that you forward the email from the testing agency with the

attached passing CBEST score report.

*Note: if you have not passed CBEST, do not register for an Advisement Meeting. Once

you pass, you can contact our office to inquire about current Advisement Meeting


At the end of the Advisement Meeting, participants will be provided with the dates and times of the Framework for Teaching (FFT) Pre-Service as well as a registration link to register.

Step Three: Register and Complete Framework for Teaching (FFT) Pre-Service

Participants are required to successfully complete 165 hours of pre-service coursework before becoming eligible to apply for a teaching position with an RCOE partner school district. Our Framework for Teaching (FFT) Pre-Service meets the prerequisite requirement and consists of eight modules (IMPACT Framework for Teaching) that are delivered in a hybrid model (combination of online and face-to-face).

The tuition cost for Framework for Teaching (FFT) Pre-Service is $750. The $750 non-refundable workshop fee is due two weeks prior to the first class session. Participants who do not enroll in a cohort with the IMPACT Intern program within 5 years of completing FFT will be required to retake all FFT coursework.

Participants who complete the Framework for Teaching Pre-Service also meet the requirements of the Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave and can apply for the permit upon receipt of their certificate of completion.

We offer three options for Framework for Teaching Pre-Service:

Option 1 Saturday Model: All face-to-face sessions are 9am-5pm for 7 Saturdays total. Participants are also responsible for online coursework.

Option 2 Intensive Summer Model: All face-to-face sessions are 9am-5pm for one week total (7 full days/no class on Sunday). Participants are also responsible for online coursework.

Option 3 TPSL Model: Participants complete all three levels of our online TPSL program and attend two Classroom Management sessions face-to-face. Participants must submit an application for equivalency to Pre-Service. Please see our TPSL page for more information.

You can read more about the Framework for Teaching Pre-Service Component on the Pre-Service Modules tab.

Step Four: Complete Additional Requirements (CSET, US Constitution, Employment)

The next step for participants is to verify documentation of passing the CSET and meeting the US Constitution requirement,

Once all documentation is verified, participants will be provided an “Intern Eligibility Letter”. While we do not assist participants in securing employment, we do recommend that they contact each district with whom they have an interest as well as use the recruitment website to inquire as to needs and application process. The “Intern Eligibility Letter” also assists potential employers in verifying participants have met the criteria required to apply for an intern credential. It is recommended that participants attach this letter to any submitted job applications. Please note: employment must be a “teacher of record” position. This does not include employment as an aide, substitute, or PIP/STSP employment. Employment must be established in subject matter only and at least a 50% teaching contract.

Step Five: Request and Attend Intern Credential Application Meeting

All participants who successfully complete Framework for Teaching Pre-Service, have passed CSET, met the US Constitution requirement. and received an offer of employment should contact our office to schedule an Intern Credential Application Meeting.

At the application meeting, participants will receive information regarding next steps, intern program tuition, and any additional documentation that is needed. Participants will also receive the Intern Credential application to submit to CTC.

Step Six: Begin the Intern Program

Participants who have returned their red folder and submitted their Intern Credential Application are assigned to a cohort and begin the two-year IMPACT IE Intern Program.