Aspiring interns must fulfill 165 hours of pre-service coursework prior to the issuance of either a mild/moderate or moderate/severe intern credential. Applicants are provided additional information upon submission of an application as well as during their Advisement meeting. If you would like to learn more now, please read below:

The pre-service courses are offered through our Framework for Teaching program and consist of 135 hours of self-paced, online coursework PLUS two additional modules (25 additional hours of additional English Learner coursework and 5 additional hours of  COMP: Classroom Management). Please note the following:

·      The 135 hours of online coursework is taken in three levels: Foundational, Intermediate, and Proficient. Candidates are able to break the tuition into three levels/payments as well, paying tuition only for the level they are currently working on. Candidates are able to receive a proficient level of TPSL through this component of pre-service*.

·       The 25 hour EL module as well as the 5 hour Classroom Management (COMP) module must also be fulfilled to receive full completion of pre-service and meet the eligibility requirements of the intern program.

Tuition: $750 total divided over 4 payments

*Candidates who complete each level of online coursework are also eligible for a Teaching Permit for Statutory leave (TPSL). TPSL permit holders are in demand by local school districts. The TPSL allows you to substitute teach long term in a classroom where the teacher of record is out on leave. Click here to learn more about TPSL.