Mild/Moderate Program Overview


An internship program is an alternative pathway to earning a California Teaching Credential. An individual holding an intern credential teaches full time in their own classroom while earning their California Preliminary Credential. Our program offers the following: 

·      Pre-service coursework and intern certification

·      Preliminary Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Credential in two years

·      Embedded Authorization in Autism

·      Coursework aligned to the Teacher Performance Expectations and California Standards for Teaching Profession

·      Coursework applicable towards advancement on pay scale

·      A supportive, team approach with a balance of theoretical and application based learning experiences




To get started:


·      Intern Program Application

·      Bachelor degree or higher completed from regionally accredited institution 

·      Verification of Basic Skills (CBEST, etc.)

·      165 hours of prerequisite coursework (taken primarily online)

·      CTC Certificate of Clearance


To receive your intern credential and begin teaching in your own classroom:


All of above plus….


Pass CSET, or hold a Multiple or Single Subject Credential

Pass approved US Constitution course or US Constitution exam

          Offer of Employment from a district in a Mild/Mod setting

     Click here to view RCOE criteria for approved intern placements and




Prospective candidates can view our Informational Video and submit an application by clicking on "Submit Application" at the top of the home page.




·      Complete all eligibility requirements including 165 hours of prerequisite coursework

·      Upon completion of all eligibility requirements, enter the two year program

·      Attend online courses two evenings per week (held via Zoom)

·      Receive 144 hours of support per year

·      Receive 45 hours of EL specific support per year (if applicable)

·      Receive mentoring/coaching from a faculty supervisor and a district site mentor