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Alternative Certification creates pathways for individuals to enter teaching while learning on the job. Center for Teacher Preparation (CTP) intern teachers can earn a Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe Education Specialist Credential.

The Center for Teacher Preparation engaged in an extensive study of current research to determine priority factors that directly impact both beginning teacher effectiveness as well as retention rates. CTP has designed the Education Specialist Intern Program around four main, research based components that affect beginning teacher success rates and teacher retention: beginning teacher support, emotional intelligence, working conditions, and the stages of teacher mastery. All components of CTP’s Education Specialist Intern Program directly connect to these four research-based, components of what beginning teachers must have to increase the likelihood of remaining in the profession long term and, thus, becoming masters of the field.

There are several advantages to earning a credential through the Center for Teacher Preparation (CTP) Intern Program:

  • Coursework and practicum are designed for employed teachers and address local context
  • Interns receive support from an on-site mentor
  • Intensified coaching is provided by a Practicum Supervisor (approx. 18 visits year one, 12 year two)
  • Established cohorts offer support between interns
  • Low cost tuition
  • Focus on research-based indicators of teacher effectiveness and retention

Mild/Moderate Program Overview

Moderate/Severe Program Overview