RCOE Bridge to Intern Program

The Bridge to Intern Program is designed for pre-interns in RCOE’s Education Specialist Intern Program who are not yet intern eligible and are offered employment to teach full time in their own classroom on a Provisional Internship Permit (PIP) or a Short Term Staff Permit (STSP). The RCOE Bridge to Intern Program assists candidates with completing remaining eligibility requirements to receive full acceptance to the Intern Program while also providing fieldwork support, CSET support and professional development training to positively impact success in the classroom while they are serving on a PIP or STSP. Bridge to Intern candidates complete the following courses during the Bridge year:

TECH 290 Technology in the Classroom

SPED 271: Specialized Health, Movement, Mobility, and Sensory Development

CURR 251: Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Students

SPED 221: Exceptional Learners in the Classroom

PRAC 281 & PRAC 282: In the Classroom Fieldwork

Please read our FAQ sheet for answers to common questions regarding our Bridge to Intern Program.

Please note: the tabs at the top of the screen are for our Education Specialist Intern Program. All Bridge to Intern candidates are required to first apply to our Intern Program.